For Sale: Kegging set-up, brew kettle, counterflow chiller, carboys, etc - $300

I'm moving out of state and sadly unable to brew for the next two years. I thought rather than move-and-store my equipment, someone else can have a great deal on the gear. My vast preference is to sell as a unit rather than piece-by-piece.

I live at 121/Custer in Frisco. Gear is ready for pickup. Photos here:

  1. Two kegs, tap for regular keg, CO2 tank (75% full?)
  2. Brand new counterflow chiller (still in box with receipt for $100)
  3. Stainless stock pot (15g?) with two lids
  4. Misc great -- hydrometer, tubing, and related supplies
  5. Two glass carboys
  6. Single burner Camp Chief stove with propane jet and extension legs

I've not used the gear in 10 years so it is dusty from storage but otherwise in great shape.

New the gear runs at about these prices: Counterflow chiller $100, stockpot and lid $125, CO2 tank $100, used kegs $40, stove $50, carboys $25, taps $40, misc gear $100+

Asking $300 for all of it. I'd love to have to go to someone who can make use of the gear or part it out and sell of the individual chunks.