North Texas Homebrewers Association

Membership Application/Renewal

March 1 - December 31, Membership ends May 31 next year.
Dues are $30.00 for a Single/Family membership.

January 1 - February 28/29, Membership ends May 31 of this year.
Dues are $15.00 for a Single/Family membership.

To receive your membership card, bring this completed form and dues (check or cash) to a club meeting or event. You may also receive a membership card at either, Homebrew Headquarters or The Wine Maker's Toy Store/Dallas Homebrew.

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My participation in this association is entirely voluntary. I know that participation in the club activities may involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages and this may affect my perception, actions and reactions. I accept responsibility for my conduct, behavior and actions. I absolve and indemify the North Texas Homebrewers Association, its officers and members of responsibility for my conduct.


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