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Technical question for you...

Technical question for you potentates: I made a nice batch of Belgian Blond and I want to naturally condition it in Belgian 750's with corks & wire cages (yeah I know, snobby poo but I also plan to drink it out of a snifter with my initials on it so what the hell). I also want the beer clear if possible so I am thinking of hitting it with gelatin then dosing with corn sugar and some dry lager yeast and I am hoping that this will keep the level of sediment down in the bottles but it needs to be pretty fizzy. Sound like it should work or have I completely fallen off my crumpet?

Adding color to an IPA "style" beer

I'm working on a recipe and I want to achieve a copperish, reddish color.  I'm wantig to avoid using crystal malts because I generally dont care for that flavor in my hoppy beers, certianly not when its over done.

I've been reading and thinking about throwing in some Carafa III or possibly some debittered black malt at the end of the mash, just prior to vorlauf.  Small amounts obviously; keeping it well under 2% of the grist.

Any comments or preferences from your experiences?

Safale US-05

What is your experience with Safale US-05?

Twice I have used this yeast and twice I am not happy with it.  Used it for a blonde ale I brewed this weekend and it took close to 30 hours to start showing signs of activity.  I rehydrated the yeast before pitching.  My fermenters are a bit cool at 66 degrees.


Clarifying your beer

Several folks use this method with good results.

Cold crash your beer until it is below 50 degrees.

1/2 tsp Knox gelatin (any unflavored gelatin should work) BTW gelatin has a positive charge

1/4 cup cool water

Add the gelatin to the water stir and then microwave in seven second bursts, stiring between burst until the liquid reaches 145-150 degrees.  Add the mixture to your beer.  Continue chilling your beer to near 32 degrees and allow it to sit for 24-36 hours.

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