2016 Club Awards

Thank you to all who attended the Winter Party last night!  The food was excellent, the beer was flowing (and excellent), and it seems like all had a great time!  Thank you again to our hosts, Fred & Sue David, for allowing us to take over their house for the evening!  It is much appreciated!

Congratulations to Doug Nett for winning the Big Mohunker!  This prize goes to the person whose raffle ticket is drawn from all of the tickets that aren't called during club meeting raffles throughout the year.  A nice cash prize to fund 2017 brewing efforts!

We also announced the winners of the 2016 club awards, the Brewer Royale and Brewer of the Year.  The Brewer Royale is given to the person with the most points in the club only competitions.  The Brewer of the Year award is given to the person with the most points in the Lone Star Circuit.  Cash prizes are given to the top 3 finishers in each category.  Congratulations to all who placed and thank you to all who entered competitions in 2016!

The top 3 for each category is listed below.  For any of the top 3 finishers that didn't make it to the winter party, I will reach out to you or email me at [email protected] and we can make arrangements to get your prizes to you.


Brewer Royale

1st Place - Joseph Flay - 6pts

2nd Place (tie) - Steven Barsalou & John Driscoll – 5pts each


Brewer of the Year

1st Place - Matt Linnenburger - 11 pts

2nd Place - Barret Tillman - 8 pts

3rd Place - Mike Grover - 6 pts