Brew2 (Square) Homebrew Comp - Sat, Oct 1st

For those that didn't make it to the club meeting last night, Sean Lewis from the Rockwall Brewers Association (RBA) stopped by to talk about his club's Brew2 (Square) homebrew competition on October 1st. The people's choice-style competition will happen Saturday 10/1 from 1p - 4p in downtown Rockwall.

The RBA is accepting entries for the competition until later this week (Friday or Saturday) so if you are interested, please email your style, name, club, telephone number to [email protected] to have your name added to the competition. More info for submitting entries to the comp is below.

Each HB Contestant will be required to provide 5 gallons of home brew from any BJCP Style. Clubs can enter club submission and multiple styles from participant are also allowed on a first come basis. (I.e. You submit one style and your second entry has 2 or more entered into that style)

If you are interested in attending the event, a pre-sale for tickets is going on until this Friday 9/16 at 7pm. Tickets during the pre-sale are $15 each. After Friday evening, prices go to $20 until the event. A link to the comp's website is below for buying tickets.