Carrollton and Carrollton RO Analysis from 2008

The attached report has two pages. The first page was Carrollton water from my house in October of 2008. The second page is from a Culligan RO water machine that was in my local Walmart. It is a bit dated but it does show what remains after RO filtering. Ward Labs did the analysis. They have a brewers test that costs about $27 now. There is also a Household Mineral Test for $21 that is probably all that is needed.

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They actually have a Brewers

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They actually have a Brewers Water test "Kit" thats $42.00 all in.  The extra ~15 bucks buys you a sample bottle, shipping container and pre-paid postage for sending back via USPS.  Not a bad deal considering the hassle free nature of the kit!


I just got my brewer's test

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I just got my brewer's test kit and will be sending it back in the mail tomorrow.  I'll post my Carrollton results as soon as I get them back.  It'll be interesting to see the difference compared to Jimmy's 2008 report.


Me too Walter!  A fresh Q2

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Me too Walter!  A fresh Q2 analysis for Copper Canyon (Cross Timbers Water Supply) will soon be posted.