Hello NTHBA!  Just a reminder that the club will host a packing party next Mon 5/8 starting at 5pm at Homebrew Headquarters in Richardson.  We will be shipping entries to the Big Batch Brew Bash in Houston and the Alamo City Cerveza Fest in San Antonio.  The Big Batch is a single style event.  This year's category is 21B - Belgian IPA's.  The Alamo City Cerveza Fest is open to all BJCP categories.   


If you haven't registered your entries for the Big Batch Brew Bash yet, click the link below to go to the Big Batch website.  One of the great parts about the Big Batch is that the entry fee is $0...that's right...FREE!


Info and registration for the Alamo City Cerveza Fest can be found on the website.  Click the link below.


As always, the club will pay for shipping your entries if you bring them to the packing party. Please arrive as close to 5pm as possible so you have plenty of time to pack your entries before the shop closes at 6p.  Hope to see you Monday!