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Lots of HB equipment

Posting for a friend who is quiting HB and does not have a logon ID here. See contact info at end. Home brew equipment- Corney kegs 5 gal qty 7@ $35 ea or $200 for all, 2.5 gal qty 1 @$75 Glass carboys 6.5 gal, qty 3, 5 gal, qty 2 $25 ea or $100 for all March 809 HS pump + home made copper heat exchangers $100 Serving equip- 7” shanks, qty 5, $10 ea SS faucets qty 3, $10 ea, 5 hole SS drip tray $25, brass co2 distribution manifold, 5 lb co2 tank w/ gas $50, or $100 for all Keggle - free Misc brewing equipment - free Call Barry at 903-821-0812 or email to

Barley Crusher .... i...

Barley Crusher .... i outgrew this shortly after buying it from Bill Lawrence ..... selling it for what I paid, $25. Shoot me an email, or talk to me at the meeting .... Cheers!

*gone* Free Brew fridge and...

Free Brew fridge and Johnson controls external thermostat. I also have a bench capper, a couple carboys and a couple cases of bottles. I live in Plano and first person to show up to pick every thing up can have it for free. I currently use the fridge for keeping beer cold, I don't brew anymore and need to get a new home for the equipment.

Kegerator and complete brewing set up for sale

FOR SALE: Complete Home brew set-up with 4 Tap Kegerator

I have been a home brewer for 12 years and have finally hung up my spurs and need to sell my brewing gear.  I have put together a somewhat comprehensive list of what I have but it probably won't be complete.

If you're into home brewing, then just understand that it includes everything needed to do extract, partial and all all grain brews.  And I mean everything.


Propane Cooking setup with 10 gallon propane tank

7 gallon stainless btr

Advanced homebrew equipment...

Advanced homebrew equipment for sale. 30 gallon kettle, 10" burner (no stand), oxygen tank, water filter, heat exchanger, bottle capper, Carboy dry racks, keg couplers, and 52 gallon stainless wine tanks, 7.75 gallon distilling keg, 75 qt cooler. Email me at Jakethesnake3055(at)

I have everything needed to...

I have everything needed to make; keg; or bottle homebrew that I want to get out of my garage and storage building. It is a first come first serve deal, so if you want it contact me.

I have everything needed to...

I have everything needed to make; keg; or bottle homebrew that I want to get out of my garage and storage building. It is a first come first serve deal, so if you want it contact me.

Hi all, I'm new to Dallas...

Hi all, I'm new to Dallas and have always wanted to start homebrewing. Once I got here I was so amazed to see that we had 3 homebrewing stores. I then proceeded to go crazy and get everything and more that I needed to brew and then shortly thereafter built a keezer and switched to kegging. Needless to say I now have some unneeded but still in great shape equipment perfect for someone wanting to get started homebrewing, or wanting to add a separate set for sour beers and not pay the higher price you'd pay online or locally at homebrew stores.

Draft tech needed to...

Draft tech needed to install home draft system. I have an outdoor kitchen and am adding a fridge to hold two 6 barrel kegs. Need help converting my mini fridge (5.4 cu/ft) to hold the kegs and run to tower. Looking for an experienced draft tech to help. Willing to pay with real money or beer. Thanks! Evan 469.995.6173

15 gallon Garrison Brothers Bourbon Barrel For Sale

Selling an extra 15 gallon bourbon barrel I picked up from Garrison Brothers distillery last weekend, it was freshly dumped and was used in their single barrel bourbon program. Due to work commitments this month, I won’t be able to utilize it. So my loss is your gain. Asking $225 - let me know if you have questions.

For Sale: Kegging set-up, brew kettle, counterflow chiller, carboys, etc - $300

I'm moving out of state and sadly unable to brew for the next two years. I thought rather than move-and-store my equipment, someone else can have a great deal on the gear. My vast preference is to sell as a unit rather than piece-by-piece.

I live at 121/Custer in Frisco. Gear is ready for pickup. Photos here:

I just graduated from...

I just graduated from bottling to kegging. Anyone know where I can get my CO2 Tank refilled in or near McKinney?
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