Hi all, I'm new to Dallas...

Hi all, I'm new to Dallas and have always wanted to start homebrewing. Once I got here I was so amazed to see that we had 3 homebrewing stores. I then proceeded to go crazy and get everything and more that I needed to brew and then shortly thereafter built a keezer and switched to kegging. Needless to say I now have some unneeded but still in great shape equipment perfect for someone wanting to get started homebrewing, or wanting to add a separate set for sour beers and not pay the higher price you'd pay online or locally at homebrew stores. I'd say that I have run approximately 2-3 batches through all of this and it has all been stored indoors and kept clean throughout its use. I am working on getting some pictures up but if you're interested just shoot me a text and I can get you some more details. Feel free to contact me with questions and offers. I can sell each item separately or the entire group of items in one shot. (I might even give you a further discount if you buy the whole lot !) Here's a list of all that I have:

5 gallon water cooler used for a mash tun (17.00)

Stainless domed false bottom for 5 gallon mash tun (26.00)

Fast rack with base, and 2 racks (30.00)

10 gallon stainless boil pot polarware economy non ported (70.00)

Plastic thiefs 2 (8.99 per)

Bottle bucket with spigot and lid (12.00)

7.9 gallon fermenting bucket with lid (18.00)

Bottle capper (15.00)

PET carboys 5 gallon x 2 (19.00 per)

PET carboys 6 gallon x 2 (22.00)

PET carboys 3 gallon x 2 (15.00)

PET bottles unused case of 24 (15.00)

PET bottle caps 2 packs of 24 (8.00 per both)

Large auto siphon x 2 (11.00 per each)

Metal bottle caps assorted styles approximately 4.39 gross (by weight) 16.90 PET carboy brush (4.50)

Beer bottle brush and wine bottle brush (3.00 per each)

Stainless blowoff tube for carboy (15.00)

Mini siphon for 1 gallon glass bottles (7.50)

Bottling wand (1.00)


Also, I've got some leftover fittings that go with the mash tun but I stole the valve and some other parts to make my larger mash tun but I can sell those too if you're interested. Cheers, Michael



Hi Michael, do you still have

Hi Michael, do you still have the fermenter bucket and bottle capper? 


Sure do,

Sure do,


Text me at 334 618 1219 and we can set up a meet or whatever. I can send you pics too. Thanks for looking.