Kegerator and complete brewing set up for sale

FOR SALE: Complete Home brew set-up with 4 Tap Kegerator

I have been a home brewer for 12 years and have finally hung up my spurs and need to sell my brewing gear.  I have put together a somewhat comprehensive list of what I have but it probably won't be complete.

If you're into home brewing, then just understand that it includes everything needed to do extract, partial and all all grain brews.  And I mean everything.


Propane Cooking setup with 10 gallon propane tank

7 gallon stainless btr

2 Igloo round coolers (1 set up for sparge water tank)

1 Rectangular Cooler made into Mash Tun

1 Copper Tubing wort cooler with hoses

3 Carboys 1 5 gal and two 7 gallon with stoppers and gas checks

1 Brew Buddy 5 gallon fermenter

1 Yeast Starter glass beaker with stopper and gas check

1 Digital scale

Lots of glassware including around 20 16oz grolsch bottles

Replacement gaskets and stoppers

Replacement parts for kegs and hoses

Line cleaner solution for keg lines

1 Four tap Kegerator built by a mechanical engineer and plumbed professionally including the override gizmo for temperature

also has fan inside freezer compartment and holes bored between freezer space and inner body of refrigerator so temperature 

inside fridge gets very cold.  One tap is a stout tap but you works with any beer or cider.

10 gallon carbon dioxide tank 

6 5 gallon ball lock kegs 


There's other miscellany like some hops and DME and LME but i think you get the idea.  I believe I have thermometer for brew pot and the

 OG tester but I am not sure if i packed it or not,  Everything needs cleaning as you can imagine.  It's all there ladies and gentlemen.and for the mere pittance of 

$800.00 it can be yours.  Bring Cash, and either two pickups or a pickup with trailer.  The price is pretty firm and I won't accept checks, cashiers checks certified checks

IOU's Beads or Wampum so please don't ask.  Everything can be seen by appointment only in Wylie Texas.


I don"tcheck email often but you can reach me at 469-285-9681 during normal hours to arrange a viewing. Call or text.  I have a few pictures