Pale Ale Yeast Experiment

UPDATE: Randy Grogan suggested a simplification to the water profile removing the acid, chalk, and baking soda which counteract each other. The recipe files below are updated.

The pale ale yeast experiment recipe and schedule are finally set. If you would like to join the experiment choose a yeast strain and pick a day to brew.

The experiment is for each brewer to brew the same recipe and ferment it with a different yeast. At the May 14th club meeting we will taste the pale ales and compare the effects of the different yeast strains.

The kickoff is at the April 20th brew day where Jason Garland, Rob Eger, and John Krupka are brewing a 15 gallon batch of pale ale to split three ways. The recipe is a simple American pale ale recipe. Here is a pdf of the recipe and here is a Beersmith recipe file scaled to 5 gallons with the default Beersmith equipment profile. Here is a pdf of the brewday steps. Feel free to scale to fit your batch size and adjust to match your brewing process and efficiency.

When you have picked a yeast, please leave a comment on this blog post with your yeast choice so other brewers can choose a broader range of yeast strains. If can split your wort into 2 fermenters and choose two yeasts, that’s even better. If you would like to use a yeast that has already been chosen that is also ok, it will still add to the experiment.

If you would like to join the April 20th brew day at Jason Garland’s house, leave a comment or email [email protected] to coordinate.

Otherwise brew on your own and bring some of the results to share on May 14th.