November COC and 2022 Brewer Royale Winners!!!

We judged the final 2022 Club Only Competition last night. Thanks to John Sutton and Eric Morgan for judging. Special thanks to Eric for letting us judge at North Texas Homebrew Supply (17811 Davenport Rd Suite 11, Dallas, TX 75252).

We had a terrific year with the COC this year. The six competitions all had good turnout. The entries last night had outstanding quality.

Thanks to all that entered and judged this year.

The November COC winners were:

NamePlaceStyleBeer Name
Douglas Hicks1stBelgian Blond AleBlond Without the E
Jimmy Orkin2ndWeissbierMouth Breather
Terry Olinger3rdDoppelbockSaboteur
November 2022 COC Winners

Now to the 2022 Brewer Royale winners. The Brewer Royale rewards club members for judging and winner in the COC, winning 1st place in competitions in the Lone Star Circuit and winning in the National Homebrew Competition.

Brewer Royale winners receive a gift certificate to North Texas Homebrew Supply (17811 Davenport Rd Suite 11, Dallas, TX 75252). The first place winner also wins a travelling and keeper trophies presented at the club’s winter party.

Our 2022 Brewer Royale winners are:

Mark Rendon1st19
Douglas Hicks2nd18
Terry Olinger3rd11
2022 Brewer Royale Winners

All the points and styles reset for 2023. The next COC will be in January, due at the January club meeting.

The next external competitions are:

  • Operation Fermentation, entry closes December 16.
  • Bluebonnet Brew-off, entry closes January 30.

As always, I look forward to your feedback. If there is anything you want to change in the Brewer Royale for 2023, let the officers know.


November Brew day at North Texas Homebrew Supply – Nov 5th, 9am-4pm – Update

Reminder of the upcoming club brew day and AHA Learn to Homebrew Day to be held at North Texas Homebrew Supply. We currently have three brewers planning to brew on a variety of systems. Link to calendar info and address can be found HERE.

  • Terry will be brewing a Czech Pils on the shop Brewzilla. (See recipe below)
  • Eric will be brewing a black IPA using a brew in a bag system,
  • Jason will be brewing an extract batch

The weather looks like it will be a nice day so come on out and join us. lunch will be provided.

November 2022 Newsletter is Published

The November Newsletter is available here, Click Me.

We have our club meeting next Tuesday the 8th at North Texas Homebrew Supply. We only have 4 members running for the 5 officer positions. We need one more member to run for a position for the 2023 year. The Officer job is not difficult and does not take much of your time. We would like to see some newer members with new ideas come help run the club.

This link opens a PDF file that describes the Officer positions. Click Me

The ballot for the vote at next week’s meeting will have a write in line for the 5th candidate. Please consider running for one of the Officer roles.

The Club’s forums are available for discussions. We have not had many posts. Please ask and answer questions in the forum. Subscribe to updates for the forums that you are interested in.

October and November Brew Day reminders

A reminder of our October brew day happening tomorrow in Wylie at the home of Chris Van Allen. Weather will be great for brewing, so hope to see all of you there. Full details in original blog post here.

November brew day will be on 11/5 at North Texas Homebrew Supply in conjunction with AHA Learn To Homebrew Day. Members are invited to bring there brew rig and join in the brew day. Full details here.

Brewing Equipment from Past Member

We have a past member, Rett Blankenship, that has a bunch of brewing equipment he would like to move to a new owner. He would prefer to move everything in one lot.

Here is a picture of everything:

Rett Brew Gear

If you are interested, please contact Rett at: 214 929 5745 or email [email protected]

Update to Club Meeting This Evening

Greetings, and sorry for all the updates this morning. We will try to spread them out when possible, but lots going on in the next few weeks. Yesterday, I posted about the events this week HERE. I omitted that for our club meeting, Odd Muse is welcoming homebrew for sharing tonight in their brewery where we will be meeting. If you have anything you would like to bring and share, please feel free to do so.

Very nice of the folks add Odd Muse to allow us this, so please also support them through purchases of their beers and tipping the staff appropriately.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected].


AHA Learn to Homebrew Day and Club Brew day at North Texas Homebrew Supply – Nov 5th, 2022, 9am-4pm

The first Saturday in November is the American Homebrewers Association Learn to Homebrew Day. This day was established in 1999 to promote the hobby of homebrewing.

This year, North Texas Homebrew Supply will be hosting the November club brew day in association with the AHA event. In the spirit of learning, the goal is to have several different types of brew rigs and brew methods setup, (BIAB, Electric All-In-One, 3 vessel system etc, extract , partial mash, and all grain) to show new brewers the variety of equipment and methods available to brew beer.

If you would like to brew at the event, contact Owner Eric Morgan at [email protected] . Include what type of brew system you will be bringing. More info to follow.

October Brew Day in Wylie

The October brew day will be taking place on October 22nd in Wylie at the home of Chris Van Allen, 1746 Cherub Cheer Row, Wylie TX. Lunch will be provided by the club.

Chris will be brewing a British Strong Ale (17A).
17# Maris Otter
1# Caramel 120L
1# Aromatic Malt
3.5oz fuggle 60 min
1oz fuggle 15 min
1oz fuggle 5 min
SafAle S-04 yeast

All club members are welcome to bring out their equipment and brew themselves, or just come hang out, share your brews, and talk about our favorite hobby. If you aren’t a club member yet, feel free to come hang out as well and see what we’re all about.

Club Happenings This Week

Greetings, club members. We have a couple of events this week I wanted to remind you of.

  1. We have a club meeting on Tuesday at Odd Muse in Farmers Branch. They are located at 4488 Spring Valley Rd, Farmers Branch, TX 75244. We will arrive starting at 6:30 and get the meeting going sometime after 7:00. Food is not available at Odd Muse, so please plan accordingly. There is a BBQ place across the parking lot.

  2. Saturday, October 15 at 6:30PM is the Fall/Oktoberfest Party, hosted by yours truly and his frau, Julie. The address is 4100 Camino Dr, Plano, TX 75074. We will be serving bratwurst two ways: smoked and beer boiled w/onions, along with pretzels, German mustard, and beer cheese. Please bring a side, appetizer, or dessert. There will also be a Oktoberfest people’s choice beer competition. Details HERE, along with sign-up.

Hope to see you at the club events this week.


Oktoberfest Party Competition Sign-Up

Coming up on the 15th, we have the NTHBA Fall/Oktoberfest Party. Same as last year, we will be holding a peoples choice competition for German / Octoberfest style beers at the party. Everyone will vote for their favorite beers and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with North Texas Homebrew Supply gift certificate awards of $50, $30, and $20 respectively. 

Styles allowed:

  • Munich Helles (4A)
  • Festbier (4B)
  • Kolsch (5B)
  • German Pils (5D)
  • Marzen (6A)
  • Altbier (7B)
  • Munich Dunkle (8A)
  • Weissbier (10A)
  • Dunkle Weisse (10B)

If you are entering a beer for the Oktoberfest/Fall Party, please fill out the form at the link below so we can add it to the taplist. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. Good luck!

Oktoberfest Party Competition Sign-Up