Free Beer!

There is some leftover commercial beer from the Bluebonnet. Steve Littel was the beer wrangler and want to get ride of the beer. Here is the note from Steve.

We have a few extra gallons of brew leftover from the Bluebonnet and want to offer it up to the Club members. Anyone who wants any beer can come by the Homebrew Store Friday or Saturday with their Corny Kegs, Growlers, etc. We’ll have the equipment set up to transfer the beer. The following is available; Twin Peaks Drop Dead Redhead Pale Ale (10 gal), Twin Peaks Light Lager (12 gals), Vector Bullpen Light Lage (10 gals), Tupps East Side Lager (3 gals), Four Corners Tangerine Honey Rye Lager (3 gals).



Re-posting : Bluebonnet Volunteers Needed. They need help from the NTHBA!

The Bluebonnet Brew-Off is in desperate need of volunteers for the Bluebonnet Awards weekend this weekend. You can work as little as an hour and it all helps. Please sign up! You will find it is actually a lot of fun.

We will also need other clubs help when we host the Bluebonnet next time so let’s help out the Knights of the Brown Bottle this year!

Big Thirsty and the registration desk are looking for volunteers. Multiple slots open!

Our Club Kegerator also need your beer!! We currently only have 4 beers out of 12 taps!. Please sign up on the google form below with the beer you are bringing

You can reserve you faucet at this link. Get your beer registered here: Click me Now.



Bluebonnet Club Beers for Homebrew Tasting

We need beer for the Club Kegerator on Saturday evening at the Bluebonnet Brew-Off. Right now there is only beer from Terry and me. We need to fill up the 12 faucets. You can reserve you faucet at this link. Get your beer registered here: Click me Now.

Please bring your best beer. We want to show the participants which club brews the best beer and that is the NTHBA. If we overflow the 12 faucets we will work to switch kegs out and give every one some faucet time.

The kegerator is set up for ball lock kegs. If you have pin lock kegs, make a note in the spreadsheet.

Jimmy (The Dataguy)

BJCP Judging (Tasting) Exam March 10th

I will be hosting a BJCP Judging Exam on March 10th at North Texas Homebrew Supply. I currently have 7 commitments which leaves 5 open seats for the exam. If you would like to take the Judging Exam you will need to pass the online exam in advance.

Please contact Jimmy if you are interested in taking the Judging Exam at [email protected].

The cost for the Online Exam is $10 for one take or $20 for three takes.
The cost for the Judging Exam is $40 for non-BJCP and $15 if you are already BJCP. BJCP folks can take the Judging Exam again to improve their Judging score.

The link to the Online Exam is:

NTHBS has been hosting a BJCP Style Class for the last couple of months. If you are familiar with the BJCP Styles, you can probably pass the online and Judging Exam.

Bonus: If you judge 3 tables at the Bluebonnet this year and pass the Judging Exam, The Bluebonnet Brew-Off will give you $100.


Help with the Bluebonnet Brew-Off

A couple of items related to Bluebonnet Judging.

James Lallande is our Head Judge this year and is working on scheduling judges. There is a page on the Bluebonnet website: that shows the current judge assignments. You can go to that link and see where you have been assigned.

We currently do not have enough judges for Wee Heavy and Smoke beers. If you are not already assign and can judge that day, please contact James at [email protected] and update him on your availability.

Last, for our BJCP/Experienced judges, We need a backup Site Head Judge if Fritz is unavailable. The role is just to resolve any judging issues like wrong category clarification. If you are willing to be the backup Site Head Judge, please contact James at the email address above.

Thanks, Jimmy

Bluebonnet Brew-Off Help at Login

We will be logging in the entries for the 2024 Bluebonnet Brew-Off this Saturday February 3rd. We will need help. If you can come out we would really appreciate it. If you have never been to the competition login, you can learn what goes on before judging. How we create anonymous entries and sort into Tables (medal categories).

It usually does not go past about 1:30pm. We move really quickly.

We also might need help getting entries that were dropped off at North Texas Homebrew Supply to login. We had about 15 case boxes this weekend but more will be trickling in. We are also getting Kettle to Keg’s drop offs that need to be transported to the Church. If you have a truck and can help move entries, please contact Jimmy at [email protected]. We may need covered beds or tarps as it looks like rain on Friday and Saturday.

The login location is Peace Lutheran Church. We start at 9am. The address is:
941 W Bedford Euless Rd, Hurst, TX 76053


Bluebonnet Commercial Beer

One of the activities after Bluebonnet is returning kegs to all the breweries who donated beer for the Big Thirsty. The beer that is remaining in the kegs cannot be served by the brewery so will get dumped unless any homebrewers want these before they get returned. Marcus has several of kegs that will be returned later this week.

  • Hop And Sting – Red Velvet Cookie Ale, English Ale
  • Hop And Sting – Frigid Underworld, Espresso Imperial Stout
  • Toasty Bros -Earl The Orange Alien, Dessert Stout
  • Twin Peaks – Drop Dead Redhead, IPA

If you have any empty kegs and would like some of this beer, contact Marcus Burleson at 972-464-6496. He is in Carrollton.

Also, a few other commercial beers have been pulled off to kegs and will be on tap at the next Big Rig Brew. Stay tuned ….

Bluebonnet Homebrew Showcase Beer signup list for 3/18

A signup list has been create for NTHBA beers that will be on tap at the Bluebonnet Homebrew Showcase on Saturday night. If you have volunteered to bring a beer to put on our kegerator, please signup at the following link.

NTHBA will have our 12 tap kegerator on site to serve homebrew from our members. Our goal is to have as many of our taps filled with high quality beers as possible. Your contribution does not need to be a full keg, partial or smaller (2.5 or 1.75 gallon) kegs are fine. Our kegerator is setup for ball lock kegs. Please indicate in the signup list what style keg you are bringing so we can accommodate if you have a keg that is not ball lock.

Thanks for all those that are contributing. If you have any questions, please contact me, Terry Olinger, at 214-310-2494.