July 2022 Competitions Newsletter Contribution

An update on the Club Shirts

On the T-Shirts, I have the shirts at my house. We are short one Men’s medium T and have an extra Ladies Large. Good news is we have the right sizes for all surveyed shirts.

On the Button shirts, the shirts where made with Black shirts instead of the Charcoal Gray we had negotiated. Not to worry, Inman Promotional is remaking the shirts in the correct Charcoal Gray. I am not sure when they will be ready.

My current plan is to start distribution of shirts at the July club meeting and Walter’s Brewday on July 9. You need to be current with your membership to get a free shirt. If you ordered additional T-Shirts or a Button shirt, you can pay us with: Cash, Check or PayPal.

I doubt the button shirts will ready for the club meeting.

Additional T-Shirts are $13 each and the Button Shirts are $35 each.

The Brewer Royale Program

I cannot find results for the KGB’s BBBB competition. If any knows who won, please let me know.

We have a rules change for the COC. Since we are having very good turnout for the Club only Competitions this year, I changed the bottle count per entry to 2. This will allow me to schedule two teams of judges and reduce the load from a single team of judges. So 2 BOTTLES per entry going forward.

I have a manual Google Spreadsheet to track all points. That spreadsheet can be viewed at this link: Spreadsheet Link. When I get past the Club Website work, I want to write a program to track the Brewer Royale points.

The Brewer Royale Rules are located at this link: Rules Link.

Here are the Brewer Royale standings which include the May COC and the Lunar Rendezbrew.

NameTotal Points
Mark Rendon14
Douglas Hicks9
Jimmy Orkin6
Terry Olinger5
Garry Beckham3
Matt Parulis3
James Smith3
Walter Hodges3
Bill Lawrence2
Fred David1
Richard Harris1
Eric Morgan1

The July entry period for the COC in July will be from July 1 until July 12 at the Club Meeting! Use this site to register your entries: https://coc.nthba.org

Get your July entries registered and print the bottle labels and Entry Sheet from the system. The drop off location will be the club meeting at Bitter Sisters Brewery at our Club meeting there. Find me. Remember we need 2 bottles going forward.

I will put out a call for judges after the club meeting so be ready to respond if you want to judge and get your Brewer Royale points.

The Limbo Challenge

We have a Director for the 2022 Limbo Challenge. Eric Morgan will be our Director. Eric can be reached with this forwarding email address: [email protected]. Look for email from Eric about meetings to plan this year’s competition.

Judging will be at Eric Morgan’s new store.

There is time for 1 or 2 more brews for the Limbo so get brewing.

Dates for the Limbo:

Registration: July 11-28

Login: July 30

Judging: August 5-7, (12-14 if needed)

Awards: August 27

New NTHBA Website

The new website is up. I still need to find a Gallery Plugin to display the great picture we have been collecting.

I am also working on PHPBB for the forums. I have been distracted lately with Homebrew Con and my daughter moving into her own place. I hope to have PHPBB ready by the time you read this article.

My plan is to give all current and new members a login ID that will work with both WordPress and PHPBB. You will then be able to subscribe to notifications of new WordPress posts and be able to make posts in the PHPBB system.

I still need to provide training to the Officers on WordPress and PHPBB.

Give me Feedback

I want your feedback. Please take some time at any and all club event to talk to me about what you want from me as your Competition Coordinator. You can also write to me at: [email protected].

Brew Strong!