Limbo Judging Status

From the picture above it looks like a Hack-a-thon. It is the judges entering their comments electronically into the BCOEM system.

We got through 9 of 14 tables this weekend at Mike Grover’s house.

Thanks to all the judges, new and experienced, and Mike. I think we had a great start.

That leaves us with 5 table to judge next weekend. Here are the remaining tables:
55 German & Belgian Wheat
56 British Bitter & Pale
57 British Brown
60 Belgian Ale
62 Wild Sour Smoked & Woody

Please come out next weekend finish out the remaining tables. The entry counts for the remaining tables range from 13 to 16 entries. We need two teams from each table but these are not not large tables.

You will hear more about Limbo at the club meeting on Tuesday.