November COC and 2022 Brewer Royale Winners!!!

We judged the final 2022 Club Only Competition last night. Thanks to John Sutton and Eric Morgan for judging. Special thanks to Eric for letting us judge at North Texas Homebrew Supply (17811 Davenport Rd Suite 11, Dallas, TX 75252).

We had a terrific year with the COC this year. The six competitions all had good turnout. The entries last night had outstanding quality.

Thanks to all that entered and judged this year.

The November COC winners were:

NamePlaceStyleBeer Name
Douglas Hicks1stBelgian Blond AleBlond Without the E
Jimmy Orkin2ndWeissbierMouth Breather
Terry Olinger3rdDoppelbockSaboteur
November 2022 COC Winners

Now to the 2022 Brewer Royale winners. The Brewer Royale rewards club members for judging and winner in the COC, winning 1st place in competitions in the Lone Star Circuit and winning in the National Homebrew Competition.

Brewer Royale winners receive a gift certificate to North Texas Homebrew Supply (17811 Davenport Rd Suite 11, Dallas, TX 75252). The first place winner also wins a travelling and keeper trophies presented at the club’s winter party.

Our 2022 Brewer Royale winners are:

Mark Rendon1st19
Douglas Hicks2nd18
Terry Olinger3rd11
2022 Brewer Royale Winners

All the points and styles reset for 2023. The next COC will be in January, due at the January club meeting.

The next external competitions are:

  • Operation Fermentation, entry closes December 16.
  • Bluebonnet Brew-off, entry closes January 30.

As always, I look forward to your feedback. If there is anything you want to change in the Brewer Royale for 2023, let the officers know.