September Brewday

This coming Saturday, September 24 starting at 9AM, we will have our club brewday hosted at Smitty’s. Calendar and location information is HERE. Lunch will be provided.

Smitty will be brewing a Dunkles Weissbier(10B) for the Fall/Oktoberfest party on October 15. Recipe link can be found HERE or using the download link below. All club members are welcome to bring out their equipment and brew themselves, or just come hang out, share your brews, and talk about our favorite hobby. If you aren’t a club member yet, feel free to come hang out as well and see what we’re all about.

Look forward to seeing you there!


2 Replies to “September Brewday”

  1. Hadn’t thought of that, but the pool is definitely still serviceable, albeit a little chillier than the height of summer. This week might warm it up a couple of degrees though, and with predicted high of 95 degrees Saturday, I don’t see why we can’t take advantage of it. Good call!

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