Winter Party

What a great night!

Special Thanks to the Olinger’s family hosting the Club winter party
Delicious food, good beers, great conversations and lots of laughing

Congratulations to the COC competition winners awards
1st place: Mark Rendo
2nd place: Douglas Hicks
3rd place: Terry Olinger

Congratulations to the big Monhunker Winner: Jimmy Orkin

Thanks for all participation in the White Elephant gift exchange

Check out some of the pictures:

4 Replies to “Winter Party”

  1. This was my first winter party and I had a great time! Thanks Terry and Susan for hosting!

  2. Thanks Terry and Susan! Wonderful spread, great beer and some pretty darn nice folk too!

  3. The Party was mostly in the garage. Lots of homebrew. Food was excellent, great variety. Thanks to our hosts, Susan and Terry!

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