Bluebonnet Commercial Beer

One of the activities after Bluebonnet is returning kegs to all the breweries who donated beer for the Big Thirsty. The beer that is remaining in the kegs cannot be served by the brewery so will get dumped unless any homebrewers want these before they get returned. Marcus has several of kegs that will be returned later this week.

  • Hop And Sting – Red Velvet Cookie Ale, English Ale
  • Hop And Sting – Frigid Underworld, Espresso Imperial Stout
  • Toasty Bros -Earl The Orange Alien, Dessert Stout
  • Twin Peaks – Drop Dead Redhead, IPA

If you have any empty kegs and would like some of this beer, contact Marcus Burleson at 972-464-6496. He is in Carrollton.

Also, a few other commercial beers have been pulled off to kegs and will be on tap at the next Big Rig Brew. Stay tuned ….

Bluebonnet Homebrew Showcase Beer signup list for 3/18

A signup list has been create for NTHBA beers that will be on tap at the Bluebonnet Homebrew Showcase on Saturday night. If you have volunteered to bring a beer to put on our kegerator, please signup at the following link.

NTHBA will have our 12 tap kegerator on site to serve homebrew from our members. Our goal is to have as many of our taps filled with high quality beers as possible. Your contribution does not need to be a full keg, partial or smaller (2.5 or 1.75 gallon) kegs are fine. Our kegerator is setup for ball lock kegs. Please indicate in the signup list what style keg you are bringing so we can accommodate if you have a keg that is not ball lock.

Thanks for all those that are contributing. If you have any questions, please contact me, Terry Olinger, at 214-310-2494.

Homebrew Showcase Beer Needed!

Bluebonnet is rapidly approaching and one of the events is the Homebrew Showcase which takes place on Saturday night 3/18. Homebrew clubs attending the event will set up booths and serve homebrew from their club members, Last year NTHBA had 9 different beers on tap, including the 2nd place best of show, Petite Saison. Immediately after the awards ceremony, attendees will have the opportunity to sample and evaluate home brew from some of the region’s best amateur brewers, and cast their vote for which home brew club makes the best beer.

NTHBA will have our 12 tap kegerator on site to serve beer from our members. Our goal is to have as many of our taps filled with as many beers as possible. It does not need to be a full keg, partial or smaller (2.5 or 1.75 gallon) kegs are fine.

If you have a beer that you are willing to put on tap, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting [email protected] . Please include what style beer you will be providing and what size. Our kegerator is setup for ball lock kegs. Please let me know if you have pin lock kegs so we can accomodate.

Officer meeting moved to Zoom on 1/31.

Due to the current winter storm warning which extends into Wednesday, we are moving the officer meeting from an in person event to a zoom call. The zoom link will be sent to the officers. If you are interested in attending, please contact me or one of the other officers and we can send you the link.

We are still looking for a minister of education. If you are interested in what that position entails, please contact me at [email protected], or any one of the other officers.

February Meeting Move due to Valentines Day

Our regular schedule of club meeting on the second Tuesday collides with Valentines Day this year. Due to past low turnout at meetings on Feb 14th, and in the interest of keeping our spouses happy, we will move both the club meeting and officer meeting up 1 week. That will still keep the meeting on Tuesday night and free up Valentines Day for those with conflicts.

February meeting dates are now as follows.

  • Officer meeting, Tuesday January 31st, Bavarian Grill, Plano
  • Club meeting, Tuesday February 7th, North Texas Homebrew Supply

December Brew Day

UPDATE! – December Brew Day has been cancelled due to Covid.

This Saturday, December 3rd, is the final brew day of the year and will be held at Bill Lawrence’s house. Bill will be brewing a Munich Helles, and will be giving a demonstration of how to use an Instant Pot to do a decoction mash. This should be a very interesting demo on using using non-traditional equipment for brewing.

Link to calendar info and address can be found HERE. As always the club will be providing lunch. If you have not made it to a brew day this year, we hope you can join us.

November Brew day at North Texas Homebrew Supply – Nov 5th, 9am-4pm – Update

Reminder of the upcoming club brew day and AHA Learn to Homebrew Day to be held at North Texas Homebrew Supply. We currently have three brewers planning to brew on a variety of systems. Link to calendar info and address can be found HERE.

  • Terry will be brewing a Czech Pils on the shop Brewzilla. (See recipe below)
  • Eric will be brewing a black IPA using a brew in a bag system,
  • Jason will be brewing an extract batch

The weather looks like it will be a nice day so come on out and join us. lunch will be provided.

October and November Brew Day reminders

A reminder of our October brew day happening tomorrow in Wylie at the home of Chris Van Allen. Weather will be great for brewing, so hope to see all of you there. Full details in original blog post here.

November brew day will be on 11/5 at North Texas Homebrew Supply in conjunction with AHA Learn To Homebrew Day. Members are invited to bring there brew rig and join in the brew day. Full details here.

AHA Learn to Homebrew Day and Club Brew day at North Texas Homebrew Supply – Nov 5th, 2022, 9am-4pm

The first Saturday in November is the American Homebrewers Association Learn to Homebrew Day. This day was established in 1999 to promote the hobby of homebrewing.

This year, North Texas Homebrew Supply will be hosting the November club brew day in association with the AHA event. In the spirit of learning, the goal is to have several different types of brew rigs and brew methods setup, (BIAB, Electric All-In-One, 3 vessel system etc, extract , partial mash, and all grain) to show new brewers the variety of equipment and methods available to brew beer.

If you would like to brew at the event, contact Owner Eric Morgan at [email protected] . Include what type of brew system you will be bringing. More info to follow.