Bluebonnet Planning

The NTHBA is the host club for the 37th annual Bluebonnet Brew-Off, so we are expected to take the lead in filling a number of important positions on the committee. The first planning committee meeting for the 2023 edition of the BBO will be held on Sunday, August 28th at Cowtown Brewing Co.’s Southlake location from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. If you are interested in helping with the BBO please plan on attending this meeting. The best jobs will go quick.

Cowtown Brewing Co.’s Southlake taproom is located at 1512 E Southlake Blvd, Suite 10, Southlake, TX 76092

Limbo Judging

Thank you to everyone who came out the last two weekends to help with Limbo judging. Jimmy is worn out from all the data entry. We have one more table that will be completed on Wednesday and then Best of Show. The Limbo Awards ceremony is on August 27 at the home of Melinda and Brian Beyer. Brian is promising a meat-palooza. Hope you can join us.

Club Shirts

Most members have received their shirts, however, we have quite a few folks who have not. Any shirts not picked up by the end of the month will go into the first come first served pile. Club shirts will be available for pick up at the Limbo judging this weekend. They will also be available at the Limbo awards ceremony. If you cannot make it to either of these events, contact Walter at [email protected] and make arrangements to get your shirt.

Membership Renewal

If you are no longer receiving club emails, including the newsletter, then your membership has expired. We hope you will consider renewing for 2022/2023. The club is offering t-shirts to renewed members. North Texas Homebrew Supply is opening soon and will be offering discounts to club members. Kettle to Keg in Sherman also offers discounts to current club members. In addition to the discounts and t-shirts, we have a full slate of club parties and events.

You can renew your membership at any club event or by following the directions at: Click Me

July Brewday

July’s brewday was a warm one. Five club members came out and sweltered with me as I brewed a Berliner Weiss. This beer will be a quick turn around and will be entered into the Limbo Challenge. The 15 minute boil kept the garage below 100 degrees while Matt, Mike, Marqus, Jimmy and a couple of neighbors stayed hydrated under the tents. Brian stopped by earlier before the hydrating beverages were being shared. Our next brewday will be in September.