Free Beer!

There is some leftover commercial beer from the Bluebonnet. Steve Littel was the beer wrangler and want to get ride of the beer. Here is the note from Steve.

We have a few extra gallons of brew leftover from the Bluebonnet and want to offer it up to the Club members. Anyone who wants any beer can come by the Homebrew Store Friday or Saturday with their Corny Kegs, Growlers, etc. We’ll have the equipment set up to transfer the beer. The following is available; Twin Peaks Drop Dead Redhead Pale Ale (10 gal), Twin Peaks Light Lager (12 gals), Vector Bullpen Light Lage (10 gals), Tupps East Side Lager (3 gals), Four Corners Tangerine Honey Rye Lager (3 gals).



Saturday Meetup, August 20th 12-4 – Autonomous Society

Come join your fellow homebrewers at the newly opened Autonomous Society Brewpub, 1928 S. Akard Street, Dallas. Long time club member Dean Weaver has opened the doors of his new venture, stepping up from home brewing to join the ranks of the professionals. 24 taps are hosting beers from various local breweries, so come have a beer and enjoy hanging out and relaxing. See you there.

Sir William’s – Bursting Beer Can

I bought some local commercial beer today since I have not brewed in awhile. One of the brews was Hop and Sting Brewing Co. Sir William. This was a beer brewed by the previous owners of their building, Grapevine Brewery. I guess H&S has rights to the name and recipe.

I bought a six pack from Total Wine in Lewisville. Got it home and before I could get it in my refrigerator, a can burst. I am guessing the beer was not completely fermented. Another option is Hop Creep but don’t think an English Brown would be dry hopped.

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