Limbo Challenge Awards Schedule

The Awards Ceremony for the 2022 Limbo Challenge is tomorrow, Saturday August 27.

  • 1pm Start arriving.
  • 2pm Awards Presentation.
  • 3pm In the Pool, sharing beer.
  • 4-5pm Meatapalooza.

If you are staying for dinner, please bring a side.

The Beyer’s address is:
2117 Rheims Dr

Come out and support the club!

Limbo Challenge Status

Here is an update on the Limbo Challenge.

All the medal category judging is complete. The BoS will occur tomorrow.

The Awards Ceremony will be on Saturday the 27th at the home of Melinda and Brian Beyer located at 2117 Rheims Dr, Carrollton, TX.

Folks will start gathering about 1pm and the Awards will occur at 2pm. The Beyer’s/NTHBA is providing BBQ. If you attend we ask you to bring a side and some beer. The pool will open after the awards so bring a swimsuit if you want to get into the pool.

The awards and medals are all in hand and ready for Saturday. Scoresheets will be released after the Awards Ceremony.

Our goal is to have all unclaimed awards and medals mailed the week after the ceremony. We will send some email verifying addresses and asking if we can combine shipments to help us minimize shipping costs.

Thanks for entering.

Eric Morgan
Limbo Director

Jimmy Orkin
Data Guy

Limbo Judging

Thank you to everyone who came out the last two weekends to help with Limbo judging. Jimmy is worn out from all the data entry. We have one more table that will be completed on Wednesday and then Best of Show. The Limbo Awards ceremony is on August 27 at the home of Melinda and Brian Beyer. Brian is promising a meat-palooza. Hope you can join us.

Limbo Judging – Final Weekend

We will finish the Limbo Challenge Judging this weekend and need your help. There are five medal categories remaining and none have more than 16 entries. The remaining categories will need two judge teams but the teams will only have about 8 entries each, Easy Peasy.

Please register in BCOEM if you have not already and/or set your availability for this weekend.

The remaining medal categories are:
55 German & Belgian Wheat
56 British Bitter & Pale
57 British Brown
60 Belgian Ale
62 Wild Sour Smoked & Woody

Judging will be at Mike Grover’s house:
1939 Castille Dr. Carrollton
TX 75007

Sessions are:
08/12a Mike Grover’s House Friday 7pm
08/13a Mike Grover’s House Saturday 9am
08/13b Mike Grover’s House Saturday 1pm
08/14a Mike Grover’s House Sunday 9am if needed
08/14b Mike Grover’s House Sunday 1pm if needed

Lunch will be provided.