Limbo Challenge Registration Ending and Login

I am writing the Blog post for Bill Lawrence so I will attempt to pontificate in the style of Bill.

Limbo registration, entry editing and printing will close at 11:55pm this Friday. Finalize your entries and print your paperwork before entry closes.

Entry Login: Login will be at North Texas Homebrew Supply, 17811 Davenport Rd Suite 11, Dallas, TX 75252, on Saturday the 29th at 5pm. You are welcome to bring your entries to login no later than 6pm. No experience needed. We could use some tables to if you have a 6 foot fold up table, we could use it during login.

We need judges. Judging starts on Friday August 4th. Marcio has been talking to folks about judging. We currently have 15 judges in the BCOEM system. That is a good start but we can always use a few more judges. If you have not signed up to judge, please go to: and register yourself. If you already have a login from entering, go to Edit Account Info and set your self as a judge and enter your availability.

If you have any questions you can contact Bill at [email protected]