Safale US-05

What is your experience with Safale US-05?

Twice I have used this yeast and twice I am not happy with it.  Used it for a blonde ale I brewed this weekend and it took close to 30 hours to start showing signs of activity.  I rehydrated the yeast before pitching.  My fermenters are a bit cool at 66 degrees.




I have used it several times

I have used it several times without a problem and I know I am old but I can't tell the difference between it and the liquid stuff. What I did is sanitize a flask, run some wort into it then dump in the yeast. I then swirled it around to get it wetted then pitched it. I didn't get any off flavors and it attenuated well so I didn't have any complaints. The last time I used it was in an American Wheat ale and it worked out just fine, I'd do it again. Just off the top of my head I think I ran things about 65F and I did hit the whole thing with O2 after pitching which is standard operating procedure for me except when I make heffe's. Frankly, I don't know how long it took to get started as I usually just put the fermenter in the fringe and forget about it for a week or so.


I have used US-05 many times

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I have used US-05 many times and really like it. I look at the manufactured date and use Jamil's or Kai's yeast calculator. I have made a starter before.

It is my go to yeast for quickly planned brews that use Chico yeast.

I used on my last APA and it took about 18 hours to show activity. I did do a starter on that pitch.


I use it often and it is a

I use it often and it is a very clean and neutral yeast that allows the hops and malt to shine. I usually just dump in the wort and get activity in under 12 hrs. Cheap enough to where you can just pitch 2 packs


I actually have a recipie

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I actually have a recipie that I think US-05 is better with than WLP001.


For whatever it's worth I

For whatever it's worth I will be testing that yeast yet again this weekend. Doing an IPA, hopefully 1.065 OG with a big slug of NZ hops. Should be interesting if nothing else.



Update on my beer...after

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Update on my beer...after taking more that 30 hours to start, the yeast chugged along steadily and the beer is now down to 1.006 from an OG of 1.047.  Seems to taste alright, so no apparent ill affects from the slow start other than an aggitated brewer.  The truth will come out when I keg next week.


Yeah, every once in a while

Yeah, every once in a while you catch a slow starting yeast and yeah, it causes some concern. I suspect it's just the brewing Gods making sure we all don't get big heads thinking we actually know what the hell we are doing.