Bluebonnet Volunteers Needed. They need help from the NTHBA!

The Bluebonnet Brew-Off is in desperate need of volunteers for the Bluebonnet Awards weekend this weekend. You can work as little as an hour and it all helps. Please sign up! You will find it is actually a lot of fun.

We will also need other clubs help when we host the Bluebonnet next time so let’s help out the Knights of the Brown Bottle this year!

From Reni:

It’s that time, we need your help to have a successful Bluebonnet 2024!

Big Thirsty and the registration desk are looking for volunteers. There are multiple time slots for Friday and Saturday. All you have to do is fill in your name next to the time slot you would like to work.  All shifts are an hour, but feel free to sign up for more than one shift.  All materials and directions will be set-up for you. 

To sign up to volunteer, open the attached spreadsheet and add your name and requested information. There are two tabs, please make sure you are signing up on the appropriate sheet – Registration Desk or Big Thirsty (see bottom of the sheet).

If you are signing up for the Big Thirsty, please either send a copy of your TABC certification to me or bring a hard copy with you to the event, thanks.

IF you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask to [email protected]. And yes, you may forward this to spouses¬†or friends in order for them to sign up!

See you soon,

Reni Morriss

Bluebonnet Brew-Off Donations Coordinator