Do you care about your homebrew club?

Now that the state and national elections are done, it’s time to elect our own club officers.  For the last few years there have been a core group of dedicated individuals who have served as your club officers.  While we have had a few new folks step up and pitch in, it’s now time for more folks to get off the sidelines and contribute to the running of the club.

Several of the current officers have been on the board for five or more years without a break.  I for one will not be serving next year.  Without officers we cannot continue with our brewdays, parties, education, newsletters, etc.  I know many people just join the club for the discount they receive from the local homebrew stores.  However, there are others who regularly show up to club meetings and events.  It’s time for you to give back to the club!

There is no good reason for not serving as an officer, you don’t have to be an expert brewer, long time member or even sport a beard.  We need new officers with new ideas and energy.  No position is difficult or requires more than a few hours per month of your time.  Being an officer allows you to meet more club members and have a hand in guiding the club into the future.  Another benefit of being an officer, you receive a free club membership for the year you serve.

Below are the tasks for each officer position.  There are jobs for everyone.  Do you like parties, the 2nd VP is the position for you.  Enjoy competitions or want to learn more about competitions, 1st VP is a good choice.  I hope you can find something of interest to you and consider running as a 2019 officer.

If you decide you want to serve as an officer, email or talk to any of the current officers.  We will hold officer elections at our November meeting.  Don’t rely on others to run the club, otherwise we may end up without a club.



Officer Tasks

·        President

o   Start of Term

§  Determine goals for the upcoming year

o   Monthly

§  Write an article for the newsletter

§  Select and reserve meeting space for the Officer and Club meetings

§  Set the agenda for the officer meetings

§  Preside over the Officer meetings

§  Preside over the Club meetings

o   Annually

§  Preside over the annual meeting (Christmas party)

§  Report on the work of the Club

§  Ensure that certifications are maintained

·        1st Vice President (Competitions)

o   Start of Term

§  Set the schedule for the Club Only Competition

o   Monthly

§  Write an article for the newsletter

§  Coordinate packing parties and notify members of upcoming competitions (as needed)

§  Fill in for the President if he/she is unable to attend a meeting (as needed)

o   Quarterly

§  Coordinate Club Only Competitions

o   Annually

§  Present the Brewer Royale Award at the Christmas party

·        2nd Vice President (Social)

o   Start of Term

§  Schedule Brewdays

§  Schedule Club parties

o   Monthly

§  Write an article for the newsletter

§  Ensure needed party supplies are delivered to Brewdays

o   Quarterly

§  Ensure needed party supplies are delivered to Club parties

·        Secretary

o   Daily As Needed

§  Send communications to the Club members

o   Monthly

§  Compile and distribute the newsletter to members no later than the 1st Tuesday of each month

§  Take and report minutes of each officer’s meeting

·        Treasurer

o   Daily/Weekly

§  Respond to member questions regarding Club finances immediately if possible but no longer than within 7 days

§  Deposit monies into the Club account at least every 14 days

§  Pay Club obligations within 7 days of receipt of proper documentation

§  Manage the Club membership by:

·        Pick up completed membership forms from the homebrew stores

·        Ensuring homebrew stores are stocked with membership cards and applications

·        Ensuring membership cards and applications are available at all Club events

·        Update the membership database with new members, dropped members and email corrections

o   Monthly

§  Reconcile the Club checking account

§  Provide in the monthly newsletter, a status of the Club finances to include:

§  Beginning checking balance

§  Ending checking balance

§  Update of membership count

§  Post financial reports to the club web site

§  Obtain raffle items for the Club meetings not to exceed a limit set by the Board

o   Annually

§  Complete and submit IRS form 990 no later than April 30

o   End of Term

§  Transfer checking account signatory responsibilities to the new President and Treasurer

·        IT Director (Appointed)

o   Maintain the Club web site by posting notices and documents

o   Maintain other Club information services (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

o   Ensure the Club domains ( and are maintained

·        Minister of Education (Appointed)

o   Coordinate education opportunities for the Club