And for the last time this year, the medals go to ….

We had 9 excellent entries for the last COC of the year and when I say excellent I mean excellent with a majority of the scores in the 40’s. But the judges were able to sort out the medal winners with the gold going to David Bierschenk with a English Mild, the silver went to Doug Hicks with his Scottish Heavy and the bronze went to Marcio Fazzani with a Imperial Stout.

Thanks to Harry Anderson, Amanda Garland, James “Smitty” Smith and Terry Olinger for judging these excellent beers.

Thanks to North Texas Homebrew Supply for allowing us to use their store for few hours and Terry Olinger for staying late.

Reminder you collect Brewer Royale points for being a COC judge.

Thanks again to all who entered, the first COC of 2024 will be in January, registration will open January 1st and close the day of the January club meeting (COC takes place on the odd numbered months).

Cheers John,

[email protected]