Inaugural Texas Homebrew Club Invitational Tournament

The Houston area Mashtronauts club is hosting a heads up, bracket style inter-club competition next month.

The rules are straight forward, each club can enter 3 beers (and an optional 4th if one bottle ends up broken) . Each beer will be labeled as Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 and judged against another club’s Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 bottles. You can think of it as mini-best of show judging.

The winning beer from each round will move forward.

Since this is a mini-best of show style judging no score sheets are given, But since the event will be live stream you can hear the judge’s comments in real time !

Anyone interested in submitting a beer, ping me and if possible bring your entry to the club meeting at ODD MUSE on Tuesday October 10th (don;t bring the beer into the tap room though). You will need to include the style as well.

If we get more then 3 entries we will need to figure out a way to choose just three; coin toss, arm wrestling, pistol duel, I’m open to suggestions. If someone has two entries they would like to enter just bring them both and will decide which one (or both) to enter.

Remember you are representing the club so lets find those 40+ point entries that I know everyone can brew and enter those.

Any questions, ping me at [email protected]

2 Replies to “Inaugural Texas Homebrew Club Invitational Tournament”

  1. Hey Jimmy, I checked with the Mashtronauts and they confirmed, 3 bottles, each a different style (I guess they intended to make 1 bottle to last through all rounds)

    As for awards there is a 1st place trophy and they plan to have awards for 2nd and 3rd, but have not determined exactly what yet.

  2. What is the competition for? What are the awards? How are they going to do 3 rounds with 1 bottle?

    Is there a website or a Facebook page for the competition?

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