Recap of Tuesday Meeting/Socials Update/Upcoming Events

I covered a lot of ground at last night’s meeting and wanted to provide a recap along with a rundown of the events this month.


  • Brewdays will be on the 3rd Saturday of each month unless: 1) there is not a brewday that month, OR 2) there is a special event.
  • Brewdays will occur at the NTHBS unless someone volunteers to host at their place
  • Brewdays will require at least one volunteer to brew. Preferably, other brewers participate. You can bring your own equipment or brew on the store Gen 3 35L 240V Brewzilla.
  • See Club Calendar HERE for dates.

Club Meetups:

  • One per quarter with possibly one or two others added throughout the year. Stay tuned.
  • Q1 – Bluebonnet
  • Q2 – Pub Crawl possibly w/Dallas area clubs
  • Q3(September) – Oktoberfest @ Bavarian Grill
  • Q4 – Local brewery, likely Autonomous Society

Events this month:

  • Saturday, Jan 13 9am-3pm: Brewday at Mike Grover’s. As always, members are welcome to brew. Otherwise, please come by, socialize, and bring your homebrew for sharing and evaluation. More details HERE.
  • Saturday, Jan 20 6:30pm-???: Winter Party at James Smith’s.
    At the time of this post, the club will provide smoked pulled pork, sausage, and chicken.
    Bring an appetizer, side, or desert to share, along with your homebrew.
    We will award the Big Mohunker and Brewer Royale prizes.
    Bring your homebrew to share! Commercial beer allowed also. If you plan on bringing a keg, we have jockey boxes to serve your beer from. Please send an email to [email protected].
    More details HERE.
  • Saturday, Jan 27 8am – 3pm: Big Rig Brewday / Housewarming Party: 5pm till ???
    Some of you know that one of our longtime club members Wayne Yandell has a 1.5 bbl 3-vessel system that the club and others brew on from time to time. Several award-winning beers have been brewed on this system in recent years, including Labor of Love best of show and a Bluebonnet stein.
    A group from the club will be brewing a Czech Pilsner(BJCP 3B Czech Premium Pale Lager) on Saturday, Jan 27 starting at 8am. Anyone is welcome to attend and even help brew if you want. Wayne and his wife, Jennifer are graciously hosting a house warming party starting at 5pm as they have recently completed construction at their new residence on this beautiful property. Please RSVP to Wayne at his email address HERE. The address is HERE.

Club Parties:

I did not touch on club parties throughout the year for the benefit of anyone new. Last year, we had 4 club parties throughout the year and we plan to continue with that, assuming we get volunteer hosts. Aside from the Winter Party mentioned above, they are presently TBD as follows:

  • Spring Party: Sometime April-June timeframe.
  • Limbo Awards/Summer Party: Follows Limbo Judging in August
  • Fall/Oktoberfest Party: September/October

Stay tuned on these events throughout the year.

In conclusion, we have a busy slate of activities coming up this year. As I stated in the January Newsletter, our success as a club with these events relies on member attendance. We understand everyone is very busy and the likelihood for most of attending every event isn’t possible. Please plan to attend as many as you can. If you have ANY questions about brewdays and events, please do not hesitate to email me HERE.