Reminder, Bluebonnet opens Tuesday Jan 2, at noon

Reminder that Bluebonnet Brew-Off registration opens Tuesday Jan 2 at noon. The popular categories are likely to fill up within hours. If you are unsure about which style your beer fits into, you can always move it to a different style at a later date (as long as the style is still open and you have paid your entry fee).

January’s COC is a great way to prep for BBO as we should have the COC judging completed before the BBO registration closes on Jan 27th. January COC registration closes Jan 9th at 5pm and entries due at the club meeting at North Texas Homebrew Supply.

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2 Replies to “Reminder, Bluebonnet opens Tuesday Jan 2, at noon”

  1. Don’t be surprised by how fast some of the Bluebonnet Medal categories will fill up. Don’t be that guy that says “I did not think it would fill up so quickly so when I got around to registering, that medal category was full”.

    Also, you must pay for your entries within 1 hour of putting your entries in BCOEM. Unpaid entries older that 1 hour are automatically deleted to make room for paying entrants.

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