Fall Party and Peoples Choice Octoberfest Competition

We will be holding our fall party on October 15th this year and our theme will again be Octoberfest. As we did last year we will be holding a peoples choice competition for German / Octoberfest style beers at the party. Everyone will vote for their favorite beers and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Beer Styles for People’s Choice Octoberfest Competition

  • Munich Helles (4A)
  • Festbier (4B)
  • Kolsch (5B)
  • German Pils (5D)
  • Marzen (6A)
  • Altbier (7B)
  • Munich Dunkle (8A)
  • Weissbier (10A)
  • Dunkle Weisse (10B)

We still have a little over 2 months before the party so plenty of time to get something brewed, if you don’t already have something going already. The party will be held at James Smith’s house in Plano, and we will have arrangements for storing and dispensing from kegs. If you don’t keg you can bring a few bottles or a growler of your beer to serve.

Mark your calendar, get brewing your favorite german beer, and good luck!!