Volunteers Needed for the Bluebonnet

Here is a message from Marqus about the Bluebonnet.

We are in desperate need of volunteers for this year’s Bluebonnet. We need help with the Big Thirsty and the registration desk. If you are willing to pour beers, you need to have your TABC certification. (It takes about 2 hours and costs less than $10.) If you are willing to help with either the Big Thirsty or Registration, please contact Marqus at: [email protected]. Marqus has a spread sheet that can show you what is needed.

Thanks and I’ll see y’all next week

Marqus Burleson

2 Replies to “Volunteers Needed for the Bluebonnet”

  1. There are several TABC verified sites to get your seller/server’s licence. I have used this one: TABCpermit.com. The course cost me $8.95.

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